Welcome to Grow! Thank you for joining us on this journey of growth and learning!

Grow Sessions are designed for small or large groups of people who are eager to learn and grow in the Kingdom. The sessions can be used by an individual, but many of the activations and discussions will not be possible without a group. We encourage you to gather others around you to join this journey. In this course, we will explore the Story of the Bible - how the books of the Bible come together to form a cohesive narrative that connects to our lives today. In each session, your group will work through a video that has a variety of different activities.

Each session will approximately follow this timeline:

  1. Open Up — 10mins
  2. Teaching Part 1 — 10mins
  3. Talk About It — 20mins
  4. Teaching Part 2 — 10mins
  5. Talk About It — 20mins
  6. Try It Out — 10mins
  7. Bring It Home — 5mins

Just press play and follow along with your group!